Halo CE Anniversary Will Allow You To Switch To Old Original Xbox Graphics.

Isn't it kind of cool that you can switch to the old 10 years old original xbox graphics to the new generation graphics in Halo CE Anniversary Edition? I would appreciate if anyone minds posting a link with the news...


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So, I still have the original HALO that came with my XBOX back in day. Other then changing the graphics back and forth, whats the advantage of this re-release???

Achievements I guess. and better MP depending on the point of view. And for some one like me who never played halo 1 because I had a PS2 back then, the chance to play halo without being put off by the outdated graphics. And the chance to play it in co-op with friends too.

I think its cool. Id rather play the original anyway. Allthough HD remakes are cool and fun to play, still some games are better left untouched...... like HALO CE. Dont forget, if you preorder it youll get a free suit of armor for your avatar.  :)


Not exactly the point of buying it is to play a digitally remastered game not the same game. Oh well I guys it is an added bonus in a way, Your on a roll Crazy keep this normal threads coming.

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