Halo Anniversary maps

6 maps from Halo CE and 2 (many seem to forget the Halo 2 maps part) for Reach multiplayer, rumblings about a classic playlist for them, you can download these maps to your 360's hard drive from the disk and play them online, they are mostly graphical updates of the original maps, but some adjustments will be made because the maps are being played in Reach. Confirmed maps include Damnation, Battle/Beaver Creek and Hang 'em High. The 7th map is a Firefight one set in some place from Combat Evolved. Vague hints have been dropped about this one, but no one's really sure about it. Hopes are that it will be Flood Firefight. Finally, one of the 6 multiplayer maps will be one of the PC exclusive maps.


What are the maps from Halo 2 that will be either oj the game or available for download?



"If i can find the link, they are including 1 halo 2 map out of the 6 for multiplayer."

I'm trying to find what Halo 2 maps are making it in.  I hope it's Terminal, Headlong, or Relic!  Even better if all 3 were in it.


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