Halo Anniversary Edition .... Some requests for the developers.

Hello Halo fans -


I have a favor to ask, since there is no anniversary edition forum yet & i may not ba able to connect at the time it goes on-


There is 2 things i hope they fix from the original game


1- is for them to fix the way the game saves for the cooperative mode                  - see the long rant section for details

2 - To expand the coop mode for 4 players



What happens is that Lt Fumbles & I have never finished the game....

  The game is perfect to play in Coop mode EXEPT for one thing:

            you had to beat the levels in a single run

 I am aware that you can beat the levels faster using the Respawn cheat, but we where not doing that -

Fumbles & i wanted to beat the game without dying on Legendary mode...

 IN single player , as any of you may know, you go to certain check points , save your game and start from there.

In coop mode if one dies and the other dies too then everything goes back to the check point as if the game was saved, but if the machine was turned off then bye bye progress

Trying to beat a level with out dying takes hours - Level 3 took us about 7 hours-

the level we got stuck on - it took us about 8 and a half hours and there was more ahead so we just gave up.

  I know that emulation might give us this , but getting a computer good enough to emulate halo (and use save states) is still far beyond budget.


I have no idea if the later Sequels fixed this , but we swore to never play the games until we beat the first one.

(except for the multiplayer combat modes in all of them -HEHEHE)


The anniversary edition hopefully will have this fixed -

BUt just in case please help spread this 2 requests around so they can enable the saving for the 2 player mode too.



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That is why its called legendary :D.

Most likely it will be fixed in the remake.

Co-op is sticking to two player.

I doubt that is going to be any different, they left most if not all gameplay related stuff alone, visuals only. 2 player co-op is fine with me, and it's over Live so I cant complain.

I just wish I can board enemy vehicles like in the resto of the halos

How about use the actual Halo CE multiplayer instead of farming it out to Reach?

you can still use the actuall halo ce multiplayer...you just cant do it online

ahh good old 4 player split screen with the family or friends