Halo Anniversary Co-op

I'm not a serious gamer, and in fact just started Halo: CE Anniversary a week ago.  I am going to buy Halo 4, but one to finish one last thing before I do.  There are 105 easy achievement points left to be had.  Finishing 1 Level on Co-op Normal (10), Heroic (20), Legendary (50).  Doing the first level should be fairly quick and easy on co-op even on Legendary.  There is also another achievement on the first level for not picking up a health pack on Legendary.  So if anyone doesn't have that, and would like to do a very quick run through the first level with me, or has it and wants to help out for **** and giggles message here, send a friend request with a message.  I'm not sure if anyone else checks the Anniversary forum, but I figured most people on here have this game, and this is an active board.


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On-line co-op in Anniversary is kinda broken. You'd be better off to do it split-screen.

Ah.  Thanks for the heads up.