Halo 5: Guardians vs Halo 2

So with the hype of Halo 5's multiplayer, and the absolute push of it being some sort of super-competitive arena shooter (Because we all know Halo 4 wasn't) I can't help but compare it to the old days of Halo 2. Do you guys think 343 can hit the nail on the head with 5's arena gameplay? I'm talking specifically Team Slayer etc, the old stuff. I couldn't help but think of how frustrating Halo 2 (And even H2A) can be sometimes, purely because the level of skill of your peers is near the same as your own, I think Reach and 4 just set randoms against eachother with no MP skill formula. I guess what I'm trying to ask is, will Halo 5 be the return of competitive Halo?


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I guess we'll find out in 3 weeks.  

I DO know this much-  I love the MCC and I love Reach, but if 343 botches H5's launch, that will absolutely be the last straw for me.   My time and money mean too much to me to waste them on unfinished games.

I agree. I loved the Halo 5 beta, and I think over all Reach has my vote for favourite MP, but it just lacked that competitive nature Halo should have. I think this is the only Halo game I haven't pre-ordered, I can't bring my self to pre order any more.

It might be. It definitely felt more competitive in the beta than halo 4. I'm abit worried that the Campaign won't be as good because of the  co-op. Also I believe that all the map packs will be free so it doesn't split player base.

Ive not looked in to Halo 5 much at all, fell out of love with Halo with 4, just didnt feel as good to me. MCC is great, and Im really hoping that transfers to Halo 5. Bring back an MLG Playlist if the Competitive Gaming takes to it, and I'll be playing online all the time.

Halo 1-Reach was a fluke. Without the full support of what was once Bungie being guided my MS, they 343's gonna blow it again, just like Bungie blew Destiny.

I seriously think that "HALO 5" is going to struggle to achieve the same level of texture pop as "HALO 2".

Biggest disappointment in "HALO: MCC" was (well besides the fact that it didn't work) was that when you scale back to the 'old graphics' you don't get that texture pop we all came to love with "HALO 2".

If the game is anything like that beta, it's a twitchy timing-fest sort of multiplayer that doesn't seem to me to be like how it ever was.  So it might be quite unlike how it was or it might be just like most people remember it.

I have not even pre-ordered H5.

After how poorly TMCC was handled and an absolute disaster at launch, there is simply NO way I am buying H5 at launch. Then even after months and months of patching the mp was still very broken.    I will give H5 about a week to see the feedback of how well it launched, but after TMCC disaster, no way I am risking getting H5 at launch.  

I am looking forward to Warzone the most. 24 players, no team killing, afk players get booted, AI enemies on the map, and much more. Looks like a blast. .