Halo 4/Halo: CE Remake Question

Are Halo 4 and the Halo CE remake gonna be the same game?




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NO. Halo 4 comes out in 2012 and HCEA comes out 11-15-11. HCEA also comes with 7 maps for

Halo Reach

im buying halo ce remake for one reason only. capture the flag on SIDEWINDER

YAY! $50 for Halo: Reach's Multiplayer on a map.


I thought people had issue with paying $15 for three maps, now we have people begging to buy one map for $50?

It's a rip off. I can buy A Halo CE disc for 10$ at Best Buy. Or 5$ second hand or new online. (then again I already have Halo CE) 7 maps is a 23$ Price. However, those maps are from and came from Older Halo games, and probably also won't play well with Armor Ablites.

Now add tax. A 28$ or a 23$ value (if you own Halo CE) for only 45$! Also no promise that the maps will play will with Reach's different playstyle!

I'm so sick of the negativity and franchise/corporation/developer bashing around here. It's seriously getting on my nerves. Sorry, but this thread is asking a simple question about if CEA and H4 are the same game. OP didn't ask for any opinions, especially ones that are being posted over and over again in every thread regarding the new and "new" games. If you don't like it/think it's a rip off, DON'T BUY IT. But stop complaining about something that's 5 months away from even being released. And if you can't possibly control yourself from complaining, at least stop repeating yourself in every single post. This goes out to everyone reading this.



To answer your question OP, no. Halo 4 is completely separate and a whole new game being released in 2012. Halo CE Anniversary is coming out this November. It is an HD remake of the first Halo (with the original graphics available as well) with new online co-op and 7 classic maps which will be integrated into the Halo: Reach matchmaking system. We don't have the full details yet, but you can probably bet there will be some extra content coming with it.


Sorry man, and fair enough. I'll stop it for my part.

@Noble Thank You, Your absolutely right... I asked a question, and got complaints.