Halo 4

Halo 4 offical teaser



Bring on the proper Halo series where the music was great, the gameplay was awesome.

Anyway the facts are there now that Halo 4 is coming.


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Hell yeah and Master Chief is back.

I swear to god if they bring back those god-awful armor abilities...

(yes, I saw the Jetpack in the trailer)

I'm not very keen on the subject. I wished it was just left at Halo 3. The ending is not that sought after is it? It could have easily been made into a book or something.


Anyways, now that it is coming I'm just hoping they also include the Arbiter's story as well. It would be great to see the world of Sanghelios and the possible disaster that could be occurring there.

I really wasn't that impressed with the trailer. The Chiefs iconic mark 6 armor has been changed too much and it looks distinctly "japanese" to me, referencing the god awful armor redesigns of the Halo Legends series. If Bungie isn't doing it, it's not Halo, period, and I'll pass. What you have with Halo 4 is a sad attempt at copying the original games greatness.

I also think it looks like the halo legends armor.

for the love of god, 343 please change it back! it's just a trailer, it's not to late to change it back.

Yeah im not for sure about halo 4, I mean I will probablly check it out when it comes out, and I have alway wounder what happened to cheif.  As far as I can tell from the trailer, He appears to be heading for a sheild world, or some sort of forrunner world, or portal. and as far as I know, I dont think that was a jetpack like reach had. More lke thrusters for space movement. I think his suite has always had them, acording to the books. but never used in game before.

If this supports kinecty i'll freak out (In anger)

Being a Halo fan since Halo CE, I'm definitely interested, despite my hate for Reach.

If it goes back to what made Halo 3 great, I'll be extremely happy, but no matter what I'll buy it anyway.

Well already hate it seems but best wait till we see some gameplay. I remember Reach was mainly copy and paste so hopefully 343i will take this project serious since Bungie rushed Reach.

Anyway I also have been hearing there re-doing halo 1:


Anyway hopefully they'll show off how master chief can take on a proper scale invasion instead of the wimps from Reach.

The comments people leave on that youtube vid are pretty funny. I haven't played Reach, but I hear it isn't that great. I wonder how 343i is gonna handle the multiplayer.

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