Halo 4.

Well, I just finished the campain and it was amazing! The plot is layered and you can see that there is a lot of internal ans external conflicts with the protagonists. Cortana's conflict of mortality and wondering how it is to be human. Masterchief, a spartan, who was trained to be cold as a robot but has real compassion and care for his AI friend. The antagonist  was developed well. The multi-player is stunning from the different options or game play, strategy  and also the upgrades in the Spartans to the mini mission with Spartan ops. I must say 343 has given due diligence and thoughtfulness in creating this wonderful masterpiece. 


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Much better than I assumed.

Much better than I assumed as well. Still havin' mad fun playin it too.

If u guys/girls want to play send me a invite. My friends list is full of Cod/Gow players. Been hard to find new H4 players.