Halo 4! What Will it Bring From Reach?

It was only a Teaser trailer, but holy hell that sent SO many chills down my spine it was ridiculous. 


Looks like there will be Armor Abilities, as well as a new gun and gun attachments. 


The new gun is a single shot explosive weapon, and at the end of the Teaser he hooks on some sort of silencer barrel. Or it looks like he could just be reloading the single shot weapon, I'm not sure!


It was also announced to be a trilogy of games. I am so freaking excited for this. Finally, back to a real emotional storyline with main characters and no more spin offs. A real Halo game (Not to say ODST or Reach weren't real Halo games, but they were just spin-offs... albeit the best spin-offs I've ever played). 


GAHH This whole next year is going to kill me. I haven't been this excited for a game since Halo 3! (I wasn't as excited for Reach because I'm older now with a lot more responsibilities and more stuff going on than just school/videogames)


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OMGOMGOMG i saw the teaser! now where is my other pair of pants?

I agree, I'm SO excited for this. Master Chief is what makes Halo feel like Halo to me. I didn't get that special feeling walking around as an ODST or even Noble 6. Auntie Dot can't even come close to Cortana.

I want to know what the new enemy is. It's not going to be the Covenant. They've already said that there will be NO purple in Halo 4, that means a new alien race. I wonder if they're going to kill off Cortana soon? I mean she was supposedly going rampant at the end of H3 soo it's possible.

But omg, Master Chief + Jet Pack = I can't contain myself. That trailer was the best birthday gift ever. Thank you 343.

I'm surprised you guys are excited. Everyone else was pretty negative.

You guys are teh awesomez.

How can you possibly be negative?! Those are the people who play for the matchmaking, not the story. For me, campaign comes first, multiplayer comes second. Halo is by far the best, most immersive story I've ever heard/seen/felt in my life. That trailer looked awesome.

If anyone hasn't seen the trailer yet, here it is:



When I first saw that, I had no idea what it was. They said "A new trilogy", so I wasn't expecting Halo. I mean how epic can you get though? Starting from all the neurological parts of his brain, going through his nerves to make his heart beat, Cortana's muffled voice saying "I need you! Wake up John!" to him finally waking up and breaking out of the cryotube, picking up a panicking Cortana, and then being completely awestruck by whatever the hell he was looking at. Then to top it all off, the epic Halo choir comes back to us. That is an absolutely amazing trailer. How can that not get you excited?

[quote user="Noble 29"]How can you possibly be negative?![/quote]Ah, a question that never finds it's answer, birthday boy. 

A question I've asked myself reading their posts. But, I can't find a reason to be negative. I'm very excited. I'm anxious to see how our new Halo titles turn out.


Now, we need another forum for our speculations.

I'm excited to see what someone else other than Bungie can do with this franchise. Fingers crossed that they exceed all expectations...

oh i'm so excited about this and the remake! its not helping that the remake is coming out a day after Skyrim comes out.

   Words can't even begin to describe how excited I am for this.

anyone who is negative about a new halo game coming out next year is obviously not a halo fan. bring on halo 4! woohoo!

Happy birthday Noble .


That doesn't say much ABOUT Halo 4 but I personally am hoping for a couple of things to return and be removed . Oh well, and it's good to know it IS coming out .

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