Halo 4 War Games. Need partners.

New to Halo. Been playing for 2 months now. Im respawning too much is the worst thing that bothers me. I am doing well enough to *** off good teams, and break up their "sprees". But Im alone for the most part. And its getting boring. Getting owned. Used to laugh more. Even getting killed isn't as fun as it used to be. I get a lot of assists, and recently "close calls". Because I just cant seem to get that last shot in before my shields go down, and have to take cover. Or someone else gets the kill. No big deal, take cover. Get the assist. Don't re-spawn. I use UNSC weapons. Except for specialized weapons alog the way. And I know to atleast use those up so the opponent doesn't use them on us. So that's how I like to play. Good k/d most games is my goal. If I "tendarize" the opponents and you get the kill. No big deal. Lets team up ! California Bait

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