Halo 4 states I am not connected to Xbox LIVE even though I am.

Hey guys, I have a problem I hope you can help me with.
For the past five weeks, When I start up Halo 4 and proceed to War Games to play a game of matchmaking, the game kicks me out of the match stating that I am not connected to Xbox LIVE, even though I am. I get into maybe 1 out of 20 matches. So what happens is:
1. Get into matchmaking and chose game type (Slayer or Big Game)

2. Sucessfully finds people to play with

3. Map voted (I can hear the other players talking)

4. Match is being created (says Starting Game in lower left corner)

5. Match Creation takes over 1 minute, and that states "[i]Selecting host with best connection[/i]" (this always comes up, haven't noticed it before)

6. The game kicks me out of the match and shows my stats briefly

7. Kicks me back to where one chooses game type with following in-game error message:

"You appear to have lost your connection to Xbox LIVE. You must be connected to Xbox LIVE to play"

Troubleshooting I've tried:

  • Checked if my NAT is open: Yes
  • Tried other game types: Same issues
  • Uninstalled full game from Xbox + Multiplayer disc data
  • Uninstalled all updates
  • Uninstalled all DLC map packs
  • Uninstalled Spartan Ops
  • Moved my saved games to another folder
  • Reinstalled/Downloaded all above
  • Tried to start a mach, same error.

I can confirm that I am still connected to Xbox LIVE, despite what Halo 4 says. When I press the Home button on my controller, I can see that my friends are online, and I am still connected to our party and I can talk to them via party chat. I need to sign out of my profile, or restart the game to be able to try and start an online match again.

I can also confirm that I can play online on other games on my Xbox, I've tried Battlefield 3 and Borderlands 2, and they work fine.
Does anyone know what the problem might be? I can play other games online on my Xbox so it doesn't seem to be user-side issue.


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have you tried looking at payment options and seeing if your live is being messed with or if you got a new credit card (if paying from credit card) check if you put the new card in or you can also try deleting your profile and then downloading it back on to your Xbox if not then check your game disk and if dirty or scratched to the point that you cant normally use it then try toothpaste it may seem crazy but I  clean my discs that way and they work perfectly fine but if worse comes to worse then go get your game resurfaced at a video store like super star video or holly wood video to fix it but if none of that works then I don't know how to help

also check for error code and see if your can look it up and fix it

Hi Kharik

what I recommend you need to clear your system Cache by going to storage and under hard drive press Y instead of A then turn off your console and turn it back on if that doesn't work, go to login.live.com and sign in turn off two step verification under Password and Security, Edit security info. then delete your profile and re download it again that should help clear this out. :)

I get this one occasionally too.

I keep my system maintained so I know it isn't me.

It is the Xbox Live servers.

Don't worry about it, it will come good ....eventually.

Sometimes the easiest thing to do is a restart. Not guaranteed but they usually fix most problems.


Personally I think that most people expect way too much from Microsoft. People seem to think that just because they PAY MONEY for a service, that the said service should be supplied. Get serious people, this is an AMERICAN company, expect nothing for your money and you may be pleased to get at least sub-standard service!

i'm having the EXACT SAME PROBLEM! its been annoying me for over three weeks now.

We just got our xbox 360 working again after almost a year.   We connected to the multiplayer Slayer briefly and it was looking for players, then diconnected and says this

"You appear to have lost your connection to Xbox LIVE. You must be connected to Xbox LIVE to play"

I double checked my connections and I am connected to xbox live, which I bought again about an hour ealier,  it now has been almost 24 hours and still gives me the same message. 

Netflix works, everything else works.   but it keeps "kicking me off" xbox live.  

Any recomendatorios?????  

"You appear to have lost your connection to Xbox LIVE. You must be connected to Xbox LIVE to play"  Hello Jrodpark24 with the message you are getting that isn't the xbox live subscription it is caused by getting disconnected from the xbox live service thru the internet. 

you can try unplugging router, leaving unplugged for two minutes once you plug it in wait for all lights to come on connect the xbox again then try the game

Let me know how it works.



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Stay safe have fun. GAME HARD just not too hard :) ಠ益ಠ