Halo 4 Specializations and Armor (Limited edition) Do not show up

Hey There,

I got my copy of Halo 4 Limited Edition from The Hunt and Decode Competition Held................... But after even redeeming my codes i am not able to access my Halo 4 Specializations and Limited edition Weapon Skins and Armours......This is so for all Indians playing HALO 4 (Atleast all my frnds i asked).  HELP


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I'm having the same issues, I'm not Indian tho I'm American

whenever i've lost pre-order armor and weapons, i just quit and come back and they'll be there.

also, specializations come only after you reach level 50, in case you thought they were available from the getgo like i did...

I am already a level 51 and I tried restarting Many times about 100Now Getting pissed......Also I lost my All Limited Edition Helmet, Assault Rifle skin..........But whenever I level up It shows that i unlocked then thats a Glich

Just to be clear, you're saying that your preorder helmet & skins have disappeared from customization, and if you go to Specializations, you don't see all 8 (just the Wetwork and Operator ones)?

If so, try this.  (I've done this a couple times already.  I don't know why they disappear, for some folks just quitting to dashboard and restarting works, but not always.  This has worked for me.)

From the dashboard, go to Settings, Storage, Hard Drive, Games & Apps, Halo 4.  Find the "Halo 4 Game Unlocks" item (should be about 56kb), and delete it.  (Or, if that makes you as nervous as it does me, just copy it to a memory stick. ;) )

Back on the dashboard, go to Settings, Account, Download History.  Find the "Infinity Actual" pack and your armor preorder item.  (Again, if you're like me, you'll find them all together from when you first entered the codes on November 6.)  Select each one and select "Download Again".  They're only 104kb or so, very quick downloads as long as Xbox Live is running well.

Then boot up Halo 4.  (I've noticed that the "Checking downloadable content" message seems to show for a little longer than usual at this point.)  You should see your special unlocks again.

Not working! CyberKnight.............. Now i am really starting to hate Halo 4.... Anything else...............  

Try clearing your console's cache. I had this problem too until I cleared my console's cache and now my LE content load up all of the time. Try that and see what happens.


Here's how you can clear it: http://support.xbox.com/xbox-360/settings-and-initial-setup/clear-system-cache

I cleared my cache, and I did not lose my unlocks again last night, so that's a good sign.

I guess we can file my suggestion under "Plan B: Overkill". 😊

None is working plzzzzzzzz HELP! :'(

Ok heres the thing.

I Won This game in a competition on Xbox Live [ Hunt and Decode] ................ The specializations are missing from after the Week i started playing.............. Since i am now exceded Level 50 i want to use them.......... (57lvl currently).............But whenever i level up it shows that i have unlocked them but thats a Glitch ................... Please help me...this is a free game i WON so i Hope .......... Only if u can give me a specialization code like others would HElp .................... :( :(

Hi USMvDebonaire.... I am also from India....I purchased the Halo 4 limited Edition and downloaded the Infinity Actual Kit....But the Recruit Prime Skins are not visible...I tried clearing the system cache..redownloading the infinity actual kit...but nothing seems to work....it seems like the game is not detecting the Infinity actual kit...Now i m worried whether i could download the map packs that come in the future...Hope Microsoft and 343 look into this issue as soon as possible...otherwise its a lot of money going down the drain for choosing the limited edition...

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