Halo 4 Music Revealed.




Well, that was awful. That's 3 sounds we heard so far, and non of them sound like Halo. This is DECENT for anything else, just complete garbage for a Halo song. So... so far... we had a song that sounds like something from Mass Effect (Trailer) something that was just plain bad (343 Employee's video) and something that sounds like it's from a generic war game, or Call of Duty (this one)


/Typical negative Speedy.

What do you guys think. :)


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Repeat thread, and I completely disagree. The music we've heard so far sounds very much like Halo.

What do I think? I think you should lighten up. Don't judge it based of what you seen "so far". Complain when the final product is out :)

We want Martin back plz