Halo 4 market share most played on xbox

Do you think Halo 4 will be able to keep up with the elephant in the room call of duty ? I think the new style of play will keep more people coming back and I think Halo 4 will be in second place of most played on xbox live just behind Black Ops 2 . Which would be much better than reach did . I think Halo 4 draws in the casual players much like Halo 3 and call of duty did and still does on the call of duty side . So I think it will be stable at second place for a long time . I also think people are loosing interest in call of duty much more . I think 343 needs to make more halo games like call of duty to compete for the top 3 of most played on xbox . It may not be the best idea but they have no choice if they want be competitive with what has become the call of duty world . Lets hope 343 keeps up the great work . What do you guys think I enjoy reading other opinions so feel free to agree or dissagree .


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BLOPS2 will keep #1 and Halo 4 will keep #2 for the foreseeable future as there are really no more big blockbuster games coming out for a while.

I also want to add that I am not a call of duty hater . I love treyarch call of dutys but I will never buy the other maker of call of duty again after MW2 and MW3 . Treyarch seems to be the only maker that actually improves and makes call of duty more fun plus there maps are way better too plus they make zombies . Im only going to buy call of duty every other year when treyarch makes them .

Also I dont see the next gears being as popular as gears 3 . Gears 3 dropped down a lot after only a short while I think mainly because gears 3 was so unbalenced in MP . The next gears wont even be first placed ever in my opinion and it will strugle to stay in the top 5 after a month of being released . Its sad too I loved gears but they really made it so unfair there is no reason to play it . Gears 2 stayed in the top 5 for a long time now gears 3 struggles to be in the top 10 . The next gears is going to do worse in the top played . People really lost interest quickly with gears 3 .

When crysis 3 comes out it will be"

1. Halo

2. Crysis

3. BO2

I highly doubt the next crysis will be in the top 5 for long but who knows big name games have fallen before just look what happended to reach and gears 3 . I played cysis 2 and I did not like it . Thats just me opinion it was ok but the MP made bored quickly bu I know lots like it .

F.E.A.R. Could have been #1 if it didn't have such bad host advantage and wasn't released alongside Gears of War.

GTAV might take number 2 away from Halo.