Halo 4 legendary campaign team? - 10th nov 14:40 GMT

Hi guys, looking for one or more players who fancy a bit of halo 4 on legendary, no skipping cutscenes etc as I haven't completed it yet :P Thanks guys!

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Ummm, this should be in the Halo 4 forum....

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Ummm, this should be in the Halo 4 forum....


This technically can go here since it is general game discussion and he will reach a broader audience. However depending on which mod looks at it and what kind of mood the mod is in. Sadly we can't have consistent moderation on the forum.

And to the OP: have fun playing the campaign. First time the chief has shown any emotion and I personally feel that it is the best in the series story wise because he actually has emotion and not just an empty hollow shell.