HALO 4 issue

I am by no means the best player...Granted

But here is my issue with Halo 4 online wargames.

I was leveling up getting a bit better each time I played, killing more and dying less.

Then all the sudden, It was like I was lvl 1 again at lvl 48, and I had players killing me that where level 1, much easier then I could kill them.

Id put 30 rounds in them and they would survive, they put 1 or 2 rounds in me and I die, with shields, and no grenade exchange?

Any ideas on what may be going on here?

This is making me not want to play, and Ive been playing halo since it 1st came out on PC, and finding halo 2 out on xbox, is what got me to buy the first xbox.

So if not for halo, id not be here, any help or fix to even things up is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!




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If they are using battle rifles or dmrs it is very possible to get hit in the right spots one to three times and die.

i must say i am having the same problem. maybe its just a slump?

You know, it would help (both you and the community) if you could record an example of one of these matches to either your file share or YouTube so we can all see it.


I am sure that there is no shortage of people here that will be able to analyze and dissect such a video, giving you both constructive and non-constructive tips in order to assist you with your current dilemma.



May have to do with connection as well.

Yup I was going to suggest posting your connection.   Go to http://www.speedtest.net/ and post your download and upload.   Maybe you or the other players were having connection issues.