Halo 4 Install on 360 question

Sorry if this belongs somewhere else. I have disc 1 of Halo 4 installed on my external HDD & disc is installed on my internal HDD. When I played MP last night things seemed to be running slow (I got killed before my screen even fully loaded) & I was wondering if anyone had any info on if having the 2 discs on separate HDD's might be the cause? Any help is appreciated. Thanks everyone!


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Ok thank you.

Have you tried it since you had the issue? Maybe try it again and see what happens. If it still messed up you could Also  try uninstalling disk 1 .

Disc 2 is installed to the Internal HDD which is a Microsoft 500gb. Disc 1 is installed to the External HDD which is a Western Digital 2TB.

What kind of hdd is it? Do you an official ms hdd in your console? I would think it would be best to have them both on the internal hdd. Also did say to install disc 1? I can't remember if you're supposed to install it or if it will mess up the game.