Halo 4 insanely fast strafe, witnessed it about 4x now...

Its not lag and I've witnessed it about four times as of recently. The strafe picks up on speed then nearly becomes impossible to hit accurately.Anyone know the technique?


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It probably dubious but it may not be... one of my mates discovered how to do something similar in H3.


I am not familiar with it in H4, however.

You can't aim and shoot properly..ur bad.

OP, can you please show us an example? Take a video in theater and upload it to your File Share (or cap it if you have a card) so we can see what you're talking about.

^ like he says

also, I know this may be a dumb question, but you sure it wasnt a simple speed boost?

I'll throw it in fileshare next time I come across it. Not speed boost*

Inquiry on this strafe has been posted on Halotracker.Com forums as well.

english ?

...that is English.

Something was wrong with the English in this thread?


Random :P

apologies wrong forum oops