Halo 4 Hackers

I was playing Big Team Slayer when I came across these 2 hackers. They had covenant carbines equipped but they shot binary rifle shots. The one player went about 55-4. When I reviewed the match in theater it appeared that they were lagging a bit as well. I have no way of uploading the video to youtube but I did put the film in my fileshare in case you're interested. Any one else run into this problem?


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Yes I saw someone else post about the same thing.

343i are very protective for cheaters. They won't last long.

I cant watch it for some reason. I dl it but no option to view it.

^Maybe it was on a DLC map and you don't have the maps?

I have never ran into any o.o

No its on a map I have.

THIS PLAYER [Removed] uze imbot and telekiil the mother... kiilinig any player for one bulet

A little old thread to let everyone know, but appropriate since someone bumped it.


Please refrain from calling out or "reporting" other users here for cheating or other similar activities. The forums are not the place to report users. Please simply file a complaint against the user via your console. Simple as that. :-) Thank you.