Halo 4 forge world

There is only ONE thing 343I could do to make me fully content with halo 4. i want Forge world back. not no 3 little small bite sized ones. i dont care whether its the same one from reach. i just want one.


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I think they couldn't do it due to disc space. I mean, they had to put the entire campaign on one disc and multiplayer on the other.

I wouldn't be surprised if a forge world made an appearance in DLC at a later date. In my opinion though, it seems like all of their maps (crimson stuff included) are so vehicularly narrow and restricting it takes the fun out of wanting to forge something in them at least for me. Exile is probably my most favorite as it allows for some good movement in the warthog but even there you find too much clutter by default to really open up a warthog without repercussion from the enemy team.