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I have been in one the fallback hoppers for more than three weeks now. I am not joinable and my rank is displayed as sr1. If I go to Spartan Hub it shows my true rank of sr79. Also challenges and custom loadouts are unavailable. I believe it happened soon after attempting to enter a "CLASSIFIED" code. GT mattb04


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Don't worry we can see your GT, but about your issue.. it wil resolve itself eventually, some of my friends have faced this issue, whereas some have not, i believe it is completely random and it is based on the server end (343).

So if it does display your true rank which you say is 79 on the Spartan Hub (pressing start?) then do not worry, however if it does say on the Spartan Hub SR1 then you should worry, it is just probably to do with the time of day or the location that the server needs to synchronise with on your end.

Check on Waypoint and see ifi t displays your true rank if it does then there isn't really a problem, otherwise change your network settings/NAT type in-game or on the Xbox dashboard. The code entering on the classified in my experience will not have an impact on whether your SR rank is displayed as the correct number etc. I believe personally it is just about waiting for it to correct itself, them ore you use it, them ore likely it can correct itself as it is being relayed to and from your account more.

However if it isn't fixed by lets say March 31st then contact 343 directly and enquire what the problem is, if it has persisted for more than 2 months (toughly) it will definitely be an authentication problem of their servers trying to identify you etc.

A similar thing was faced during the preceding few months after Reach was released. As long as your rank is displayed somewhere, something is going right.

Hope this helped,

Inbox me if you need more advice of guidance. And don't forget leave feedback!

So how does one contact 343 directly??  I have never seen that option anywhere.

Can try their forums but mostly a moderator will post. Sometimes, just sometime you will see a 343i employee post.

I would definitely post on their forums over at halowaypoint.com. Being stuck in the fallback hopper for over 3 weeks definitely signifies a HUGE problem somewhere. The fallback hoppers are only activated when there is a server error. If I'm not mistaken, there has only been one instance in the last month where the fallback hoppers had to be activated, and that issue was corrected in less than a day.


Give their forums a try and maybe you can spark the interest of an employee who can look into the issue personally.