Halo 4 console DLC not vaidating.

Hey, i have the halo 4 console and I'm having an issue. With the console said that all DLC is free and can be downloaded as if their is a season pass downloaded. So it detected the console and i got my map pack but, I go to play and it says "Unable to validate" "Please make sure you are connected to Xbox LIVE and have he war games map pass downloaded." It downloaded fine but it thinks that i need the pass or to purchase it again when it comes free with the console. Any ideas how to fix it? Oh it also pops up just as i press start at the beginning. And i am connected to Xbox live with gold and everything.


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I'm not phoning a toll free number...

DLC was free until Dec 18th, today, after that you have to pay for it, unless you are Season Pass holder or have already paid 800 points for it

Thats ridiculous. I held off from downloading it so i didn't get the bug ban it had and now i cant get it?

Its already downloaded to... but its unplayable...

The Halo 4 console did not come with the limited edition game that came with the Season pass. The console came with the standard edition.


Oh OK, but that's still kinda stupid how i downloaded it for free then it says get the pass. I personally thing it should considering I'm paying top dollar for outdated hardware.

It was like a trial, after today your license for content was removed and you would have to pay to continue playing it. Also Microsoft just released Kinect Party game on marketplace which is also free but after Jan 2nd I think ,you have to pay for it