Halo 4 connection problems

Okay so Im trying to get Xbox live going on Halo 4. It was a pain in the @@@ by the way. I had to download multiplayer off of Xbox live. It took like an hour.

Anyway, so I go the Infinity menu, then War Games and RIGHT AFTER I click on War Games, I lose my XBL connection. This happened like 6 times before I just gave up and played campaign. This didnt happen with any other games, this didnt even happen when I played campaign. My connection is fine, UNTIL I try to play War Games.

Does this happen to anyone else?  


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I have a similar problem but I do not disconnect from Live instead right when the game is about to start at the USNC loading screen it finishes loading that just puts me back at the press start screen with no explanation at all.

I can play but the playlists are different and it only says like 500 people are on all together. Crazy thing is all my friends are playing normally.