Halo 4 achievement bug

Hello, i was just trying to get some achievements on halo 4. When i was trying to get the one where you have to win 20 match making war games. When i won 20 i didn't get the achievement, so i tough maybe i needed a few more but no, won 28 games now and still no achievement, help please?



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did you get the previous one with no problems? the one where you have to win 5 matchmaking games?

I have a problem with the 25 Challanges... I have done 25 and didn't get the achievement...

I've read if you join a game in-progress and win, it doesn't count towards the achievement.  Has to be a full game.  How many games out of those 28 would you say were not from the very start?  As for the 25 challenge achievement not unlocking, that's strange.   Does it say under Service Record that 25 are complete?  For both of you, I'd recommend clearing your cache.  Do you both know how to do this?  Sorry on my phone so I can't link instructions.  Clear your cache, then win another game and complete another challenge, respectively.  Probably won't work but can't hurt yo try.

The 25 Challenges all have to be in online modes for it to unlock.

27 was the lucky winner for my achievement finally!

@TRBARRET24:  Not true.  I was following my progress with it very closely.  Got the achievement at 25.  10 of those were completed in campaign on solo.