halo 3 Vidmaster Annual need 2 people

Me and my brother need 2 people to help get the annual vidmaster achievement. if anyone here also needs the achievement or just wants to help we would very much appreciate it
if you want to help add my gamertag "NuKe 95"

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Dude,,,, You do realize that this is the Halo 4 forum, right?

Haraki is right. This doesn't belong here.

He probably came here assuming that the Halo 3 forums are dead?

or maybe cause you know,H4 big game, bigger fanboys ;) maybe he thought more people would read the post here maybe he even said or thought something like:

"hey he's talking about H4 I bet he played H3 back in the old days"


also OP if you're trying to get that recon armor on H3, bungie gave it away to everyone for free before leaving everything HALO related. so yeah you dont need thoose vidmasters achievements anymore