halo 3 odst reach

when my son and i play at the same time (we have two seperate live gold accounts) why do i always show as a recruit and receive and get no awards,yet he does?  if i look into my profile it does show the increases in rank and awards, just never on when we play.


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On Halo 3 you need to rank up by playing online ranked multiplayer.  On Halo 3:ODST i don't think there are ranks.  Again with Reach, to get higher ranks you need to play online, and gain credits.

By awards, do you mean achievements?  If you're playing on a guest account you don't earn achievement, but if you're playing on your own gamertag you should be getting them.  Maybe you are getting them but they just don't pop up on the screen when you are playing cooperatively.

i think we're good now except on reach. Either against each other or together matchmaking i am always a recruit on the screen, but when i call up my profile i am getting higher rank and points

Another confusing factor from Halo 3 is the PLAYLIST ranking. When matching for games online, there will be a small ranking next to your name (probably the "recruit" you talk about). This is separate from your overall rank, and it only has to do with the playlist you play in.