Halo 3 ODST co-op partner


I just bought Halo 3 ODST and i want to play the campaign, can anyone help me achive that mission?


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hey im looking to do the campaign co op to :)

feel free to add me, would be good if we could get 2 other people to help out as well :)

I'd just referenced "Guns and Horses" for the purpose of playing co-op with him as well, though anyone reading this is welcome to add me for the purpose of playing ODST in co-op - preferably on Legendary - as well.

i have one person to play already, so if the OP is still in thats 4 :)

see you guys online :D

I'm available if you need a 4th.

thanks guys for all the feedback, i will add you on my friendlist and we will take it from there, my plan is to start this weekend...

Add me people who want play campaign on Legendary ;]

after battling through to earn a monument to all your sins on reach doing 4 player legendary should seem a breeze haha :)