Halo 3 DLC

Is there any way of moving my DLC from my old account to my new account?

I bought Legendary and Mythic some time ago, and now my old xbox live is expired, will be put on eventually, but just wondering if it's possible. :)



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Mythic is a waste of $ now, unless you want all the DLC. However, it is a ghost town. You are able to find games on weekends though.

You're never really able to find games in "Team Mythic", "Social Skirmish" and "Team Snipers". The first two never have more than 60 people at one time so that's only 7 lobbies going at one time - maximum and some will be boosters and others incompatible - do the maths. All others just take time like all playlists, Halo 3 is a shadow of its former self.

You can't transfer DLC from one account to another, but if you bought the dlc on that console or bought it on a different console but transferred the licenses, then you should be able to use the dlc on any account/gamertag on that console.  So on a new account you should still be able to use the Halo map packs that are on your old account.

No you cannot transfer content licenses between accounts on the same Xbox, anyway there would be no point as all playlists except Social Slayer, Multi-Team, Team Slayer and Lone Wolves require:

Heroic Map Pack - Free
Legendary Map Pack - 160
Cold Storage Map - Free
Mythic Map Pack - 400
Mythic II Map Pack - 800

So as I said there is no point anyway and you simply cannot, I was duped into buying the Legendary and Mythic as well but I just bought ODST anyway so I have all the maps. You can transfer content licenses to different consoles though.