Halo 3 0-1000 people needed


I use to own this game a LONG time ago when it first came out. I had all the achievements for it and am on another gamertag now. I'm wondering if it's possable if a few people can help me with the online achievements i.e slayer with the languague set to jap and for me to get my 2 kills with one spartan lazor etc

(All the ones that are really hard, 10 kills without dying etc. )


I'm going from 0 - 1000 in a short of a time as I can. I just want it on my card as complete again without the headache. I also need a partner to do Legendary run on Co-op


Add me with a text message and look forward to trading achievements with you


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Boosting is pathetic. It's good to know where your 60, 000 Gamerscore came from though. I hope you aren't too proud of that number, because boosting really is quite sad.


Put some effort into playing rather than boosting and you might find that it all becomes rather easy.

Bob's right, I can honestly say that boosting doesn't really give you that feeling of accomplishment, I boosted 1000G on LOTR: Conquest, it went so slow it really wasn't worth it.


This is determination, I have had 1745G on Halo 3 for over a year now, that Two For One achievement is so friggin' hard - but that's what keeps me playing and levelling up.


I'm no hypocrite, just giving you some friendly advice.

I got extremely lucky with that Achievement, I fired at a Ghost behind the Rockets from Laser Tower on High Ground and came out with a Double Kill.


..... Waiting.... Waiting....WOOO! .


Some advice for that one would be to try use the Laser as often as possible even at the cost of a win or other important things (if you can do that). The more determined you are for it the more likely you'll get it.


Try using the Laser on Construct, no-one ever goes for it on Construct and you may get lucky hitting two guys as they fight at the top of the lifts. You might also get it by following a Sword guy and lining him up with his target.


Also, be careful about letting the laser give you away, that wouldn't be good and could easily ruin it. Keep charging it consistently, but be careful where your reticule is.


Hmm. I can't think of many other useful situations. When a guy hijacks a Ghost on High Ground could be a good point to get it.... I can't actually think of other maps where it might be. Obviously King of the Hill and Oddball are great gametypes to get it on any map because everyone's following someone else.


Hmm.... I can't think of any other advice, sorry dude. Good luck getting it, however.

The community isn't dead yet, if there are people still, and there are still enough, then there is no need to boost.  Free for all achievements seem probably alot harder than they are, know the maps and key weapon loccations and it's not so hard to pick up most of them.


As for Two For One, i got it in mythic brawl where there's a gametype with snipers and lasers only.  It's rather easy to get in this game type as there are like 13 players in brawl and i think only 6 in lone wolves.  Although i think the playlist is no longer available as it was only double exp weekend which i don't think they do now.


Either way, if your low ranked and playing against legitimate low leveled players you'll find they tend to just AR rush and beatdown, this is your best opportunity for double laser kill.


Also it's only a damn achievement, means nothing in the real world.

I know how to get it, unfortunately there are very few players level 30-40 so I always play 41-48's which is hard when you are level 39. I remember Mythic Brawl as a double exp weekend playlist, I got the mongoose mow-down on it.

But I guess I shouldn't have waited so long, I'm afraid of dropping ranks as I can never get them back up these days.

You may find you have to risk your ranks . I know what you mean, since I haven't played any serious Ranked in almost three years, but it might come down to either Rank or Achievement.


Perhaps you have some ranks in Team Slayer/Snipes/something else?

It's my game. Don't tell me what is and what isn't right you fool. I've done this game before you tool. It's only a game and I'll whatever the *** I want. You and your proud game. Shove it where the sun don't shine

Stop getting your knickers in a twist, not my fault you're too crap at the game to earn the achievements.

I'm sure.


If you'd done it before it wouldn't be a problem for you. I know that, because I've done most of the Achievements about four times each across other accounts.


Also, yes, I believe there are some things you should and shouldn't do, and yes, I believe you should be proud of what you ACHIEVE.


You aren't achieving jack if you cheat like you clearly do.