Half Life 2 Orange box edition can't open door

I am stuck on level Nova Prospekt.

I am trying to open a door but it will not open.  I have got up to the part where you unplug the creature that is being tortured and so opened the barrier and i have gone into the room that has a lever to open the door to get upstairs.  I have gone upstairs and and gone into the control room and i have pressed the button that should open the door downstairs so i can continue the game.  My problem is when i press the button for the door downstairs it turns green for a second then goes back to red then my game auto saves and the door is still closed and i am unable to open it as the button to open the gate does not work any more. Is there another way to get passed this door as i am now stuck and getting very frustrated with the game


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Haven't played this in a very long time.  See if this guide helps you any...


sorry for not replying i did not realise anyone had answered as i was not notified.

Thank's for your help i guess i will have to load from way back because i did,t do any manual saves

Ahh now I see why nobody goes to The Orange Box forums anymore... :o

It must be glitched.  I just ran through this part to see what you were talking about and you just push the button to open it.  Try going to an earlier save.