i was playing mercenary moshpit and it was a demolition on jungle. i joined near the end of the game and the kills for everyone on the enemy team was like 50-4 or 100-5 or something. they were spawn trapping us but our entire team was spawning in the same spot and they were really close and killed us instantly.


i left that game cause it was rediculous and got a different game on havana (i think it was demolition) and the other team had pretty much the same scores. i spawned almost directly on top of an enemy and he got a triple kill with a shotgun on three guys that had spawned there in knifing distance of him.  no vids because the games didnt show up in my recent games thing for videos.


so wtf is this? hacks??


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Nope. No hacks were used. The enemy team just learned where the spawn points on the maps were and used them to annihilate your team. It is poor sportsmanship. I do believe that Treyarch considers this tactic to be cheating so use the in-game tool to report the players.

This is why I never play demolition.