Hacking/modding in Dark Souls on Xbox360

I did not know exactly how or where to report something like this but I've sent emails to NamcoBandai and Microsoft Xbox360 and posted the specific encounter on their forums in hopes that something be done.

I was PvPing in human form in Anor Londo with a friend of mine playing fair and having fun doing 1v1s and even allowing blue invaders to fight red invaders if they wanted, when a player invaded me as a red phantom, player name (mod removed). This player was 2handing an unchigatana and casted tranquil walk of peace and began charging us. I counter-casted a tranquil walk of peace and he engaged both of us and just kept auto attacking while completely unaffected by my casting of tranquil walk of peace. My friend used 6 wrath of gods castings along with crystal weapon stabbing him in the back and there was no damage appearing at all. This player did NOT have a shield equipped and did NOT cast greater magic shield. After the player took two backstabs I pummeled him with great fireballs while he attacked my friend and slowly bleed proc'd him to death. I used greater combustion on him afterwards till he did the same and killed me.

During the entire time he was moving freely and taking no damage while 2handing his uchigatana.

I became human again and met my friend once more thinking this wouldn't happen again and of course the same player (mod removed) invaded us. This time we knew who it was and right away we opened up on him with every spell we had. He stood there still displaying no damage whatsoever, this time naked and taunting us while getting blasted with greater fireballs and wrath of gods/moonlight great sword beams. He never cast anything but tranquil walk of peace on us so we were slowed and he auto attacked us again till bleed procs killed both of us.

This is obviously a mod/hack for the game which is pretty ridiculous being allowed in the multiplayer. This player was completely invulnerable to all forms of attacks and also invulnerable to status changes such as tranquil walk of peace slow. After checking online and discovering that this is present in BOTH platforms(xbox360 and ps3) because people were posting the same kinds of encounters and there are youtube videos present, I decided to attempt to report the player. I've sent emails and made topics posted to several websites including Microsoft in hopes to raise some awareness to this and get this fixed ASAP or at least so that player is penalized.

I understand that Dark Souls may not be the perfect game or have perfect balance, but the game is still fun to play even when I die in PvP. The game has been a great experience until this hacking popped up. The prevalence of this kind of hacking/modding should never reach publicity, yet "God Mode" videos exist on youtube and appears to have migrated into the multiplayer.

Thanks for reading and I hope awareness of this situation gets those players' accounts penalized as more people report them to BandaiNamco and the proper platform company.(ps3/xbox360)

Offender Xbox360 account name = (mod removed)
Offense = Hacking making himself invulnerable to all forms of damage and status ailments.

My Xbox360 account name = Loli c0n Lich
Friend's Xbox360 account name whom was present as a witness in-game = Sullyofgully


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not much that can be done, thats the sad part.

Loli, the best way to deal with someone who has a hacked build like this is to use weapons that have bleed effects.  Bleed is the one thing that those hacked toons are vulnerable to.  If one of you has a dex build, the Lifehunt Scythe will be a fantastic weapon.  If two of you attack him with bleed weps like katanas or spiked weapons, it will tear off 30% of his health (50% if you use the Lifehunt) immediately.

If it's any consolation, these hacked builds aren't very common.  I've been playing online in many PvP sessions, and haven't seen one yet in either the DLC or regular areas.  There are a few trolling around, but not as many as people think.

If the hacker is any good, the health will update and change back to max. I was one kick away from knocking one off the side of Darkroot Garden, but I missed it and R1 attacked him instead. It made me sad.

And people using 10000000 of power from within.