Hacking on MW3

Please tell what Microsoft and xbox are doing about the people who are hacking because the passed 3 weeks it got really very bad nearly everyone on xbox 360 who are playing MW3 are either invincible or can just not die when shot at can you help these guys have been reported over and over again but nothing happens to the it is like xbox condones the fact that these people can do as they wish and nothing happens to them.

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Hi Blessed

I agree with how bad hacking has gotten on MW3. Xbox says call Activision; who are basically trying to make it hard for them to be contacted. What is the reason for the in game and gamer card report buttons, if nothing is being done? Basically people are making Xbox their B***ch. If people will do in gaming hacking then we must expect that no Microsoft profiles, identities, and devices are safe? People are de-ranking others, going invisible, and even using weapons that are not part of the game. Xbox is such a joke to them,they even advertise mods on Xbox. Also, why is it so hard to get servers in Advanced Warfare? Every time I get a new DLC, the less likely I am to find a lobby in various game modes. It seams that they are not opening up enough servers.

Hackers are running rampant because this game is no longer supported. They don't have the time/manpower to focus on banning players that use Aim bots/hacks on a 4 year old title. All of their focus will be keeping hackers and bugs out of their current games while people are still playing them. It eventually happens with every game in the franchise. People still play Ghosts, AW and BO3 so they aren't really going to pay attention to the Modern Warfare Trilogy. It's sad but it's true. I'd love to jump back in to playing MW2 and MW3's multiplayer but not that many people are playing nowadays and when they are, the matches are likely filled with hackers. There's just no way around it, and it sucks. A lot of good memories with those games.

Update: The report buttons actually work. Since October I have gotten 8 messages from Xbox, stating: "Thank you for making Xbox safe. We took action against one or more players you have reported." In the Search and Destroy lobbies some of the regular hackers are no longer on or have calmed down. I also sent video of people soliciting Modz on MW3. It helps to report them to Activision as well; just start an Activision account.

Rubbish. Its so few and far between you may as well say they never do anything about them.  The excuse "its an old game" its just rubbish.    I PAY MICROSOFT to play online on their locked-in environment.  If they wont do something about them then i demand a refund for the last two years i've reported cheat after cheat (that is an absolute fact they are cheating), and not a single peep out of MS.  It clearly says in their EULA that cheating isn't tolerated... SO BLOODY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!  I'm fed up with paying for a service for and i get penalize for it.

"no man power" is just an fob-off.  Give me the ability to do something about it...   there is free man-power.

Well they must pick and choose the accounts they acknowledge complaints from. I've submitted A LOT in the past few months and have never received a reply. They don't care...

I got one of those generic messages from MS. They took action. What was that, gave them beta hacking tools? I love this game I pay for a service to be able to play it. Between the maker and the platform they do not give a rats a$$ about what goes on. Seriously disappointing. But not really a surprise when hackers advertise with flashing colored screen names in the lobby between rounds. I was thinking there was too much lag time. Nope. too many slime balls.