Why does microsoft allow hackers.


last few months hackers appeard on cod 4,5 and 6.

Why don't they get banned ?


We can't do anything about these guys because they avoid the hamer system( i don;t know how)


In any way, these hacker spoil the game and if microsoft or eny1 else wont do something about i im never going to buy anny of these games because in a month or 3 it wil be fild with hackers.


if you agree leave your name here.


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They do punish people for mods in games. Make sure you file a complaint on the offending gamertags so action will be taken against them.

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no these hackers are misguiding the hamer system (file complaint) actualy they aren't even registerd as a online player. they are just ghosts :(

MS do not allow hackers, if they are bypassing the reporting system somehow, then MS probably doesn't know about them, even tho reports may have been filed.


Did you file a complaint about them?


How do you know they are exploiting the system??


You could try sending a private message with the gamertags involved explaining the issue to one of the XBLPET team, you can find them at the suspensions forum here; http://forums.xbox.com/xbox_forums/xbox_support/f/41.aspx


Generally speaking tho, using the report over Xbox Live does work, although it doesn't work instantly.

cause i have been filing some hackerr for over a month and i (prefered to evoid him) and stil i come in his lobby's every time and i wil do that thanks :D

If you think MS doesn't punish cheaters/modders then you should take a few moments to understand how policy enforcement works on XBL:


XBL Police (article)

PAX East 2010 (60 minute podcast)

Secrets of XBL Enforcement (article)

Vulcan Technology (8 minute video)

A Reading from the Book of Enforcement (12 minute video)

PAX East 2011 How XBL Policy Enforcement Works (8 minute video)


Enforcement action is not instant. It takes time to investigate complaints.

Xbox Live doesn't, "allow hackers". I would definitely suggest checking out the videos that "Temhotabot" posted.

CoD is the wasp cake.


You know when you go on a picnic and all the wasps are buzzing round the cake?  So you say, right, that cake is for the wasps so we can enjoy the rest of our picnic in peace.


CoD attracts the cheaters and general *** so all the other games are a little bit safer from the knobs.

as i posted earlier today, someone got an AC-130 & when i checked the opposing team, the top guy only had 4 kills... the night before, some got an EMP with 3 kills...  if thats not a hacker, per se', then what is it...?  i like to earn my AC-130 & any other perk...  4 kills & an AC-130...?

yeah, like i suggested, they should have no points & no titles etc, then we'd know who they were & leave the lobby, but yeah, they should get banned...

Yeah its the Devs you should be complaining to, MS don't make the games its Infinity Ward/Treyarch that are responsible for the glitches and hacks. Its the reason I don't play COD anymore to be honest, used to love it, but I didn't even go online once for Black ops

I think you should check WAW and cod 4.

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