Hackers, Modders, and Infections ruining our gameplay

    HelloEveryone,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I for one am tired of being bothered by these annoying people and their unfair antics which ruin our fun experience.  I'm trying to figure out what can be done about these annoying gamers who ruin our gameplay with these hacks, mods, and infections?? Seems like every time you go online to play COD in particular Modern Warfare these people are there with their gt and a url line in your face during matches and effecting our game play. There are a multitude of different things I have experienced that are problematic to fair fun gaming.  People floating above the playing field like helicopters, people running around under the playfield shooting up through the ground and killing you that you cant shoot back at. There are high jumpers who can leap higher than any object in the game map, people who have unlimited grenade launcher ammo. They have radar on all enmies at all times so they know where you are without having to hunt you down.  They have auto lock aiming so no matter how you try to avoid their bullets you can't, they become invincible while you become DEAD.

If you view their gamer card there is a button to file a complaint, although there is no way for X-Box live to know why or what you are complaining about. If anyone looks at the leaderboards the top approx 390 people have the same IMPOSSIBLE score, also the top 325 have 2,147,483,647 wins maybe that isnt strange enough. How about if their srteak is 2,147,483,647 ?? Or then you have the truely Amazing players with a ratio of 0.00 yet share that same 10 digit number for wins losses and streak. WOW how ironic is that? There are alot of them whose player name even says "COD4HACK". We have world rank #11 who is level 1 the Player name "CODHACKS Lev1" this player has the same 10digit number for Wins Losses & Streak. In fact if you look at the leaderboards through the game menu in your console (takes a long time) you would be hard pressed to find a real set of numbers any where in the top 42,000 (i tired of looking).  i am ranked 4,766,580 in the world with 211 wins 368 losses a ratio of 0.57 and a streak of 11 my score is ranked 83,630 @ 16,183,134 points I never did prestige yet I entered a game and upon seeing lots of people flying though the air above building height the match was in progress and ened less than a minute from my enterance. Ileft the lobby and joined another only to find that i am now the highest level possible. I fought long and hard for what I earned, only to be cheated of leveling more on my own. I now appear like one of them due to my rank with only 59 hours of play time.

This is not fair nor is it fun to have your efforts of fairplay and earned passsage to be stripped from you by these people who have decided to cheat not only themselves but alll of us as a gaming world by their lack of consideration for proper gaming. If you search the web there are hundreds of links to these cheats and lots of videos on you tube showind you how to use them. This is wrong!!

What can we do to curb this annoyance which has plagued our gaming experience?


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Woooooooow! I'm going to print that up so I can read it while I use the bathroom..

To be honest I couldn't care less about the leaderboards as there is a high probability that members such as 'COD4HACK' etc are already banned but not necessarily removed from any lists. What does annoy me however are people that cheat during the game that obviously impacts your level of enjoyment when attempting to play.

However, I have to admit I have not experienced anything of the sort with the last six months or so other than people with hacked profiles who are playing the game normally.

Actually the only thing that annoys me these days are quick scopers and drop shotters but you just adapt your game play to suit. I suspect there may be those who deliberately lag the game when they are hosting matches but that is about the extent of the cheating that I am aware of and it is easy enough to find another game by someone who does not resort to such tactics.

Dude, there are more than 3k kids complaining  that they got a suspension in the suspension forum, probabily they are all screwed those leets

leaderboards are very important..they stop you getting bored as quick..the last time i played this game my main aim was to be above my friends on the kills leaderboard as was theirs..such a shame because its obvious whos hacking them..wouldnt take them very long to erase the hackers and their accounts..but no it would mean helping the community so why would they and dont worry guys as soon as mw3 comes out this game will be destroyed by hackers just like cod 4..i just hope for your sakes you like mw3 better.

I Honestly think global leaderboards are useless.

I like the leaderboard that just shows your friends. I also like to see how many people I've killed and compare with friends. Look at your kills and then ask yourself how much money you would have if every kill was worth 1 nickel. It makes getting kills more fun! : D

My point in the info about the leaderboards is that this is epidemic an huge. I quit playing modern warfare when I couldnt hardly find a match that wasnt infected. I only came back to it because my Blk Ops copy wasdamged an i cant play it. I have only had an X-Box since the end of spring (hence my name 2011) How do you Host matches?

This has been a big fear of mine due to the fact that my level was jacked as i siad I entered a game realized it was screwed an left the lobby a gold cross. I still get to do all the work for the unlocks but form others viewpoint I am top level therefor likely to be one of THEM

I have began file complaint for "Tampering" also file review for "Unsporting conduct". I also click the "Avoid player" I do this for each player who has their name and URL that scrolls onscreen under the radar box. whoever these complaints go to are going to wonder why SO MANY complaints are coming in from the same player.

They won't have to wonder if they can see that the complaints were filed on COD4. They've completely screwed that game to hell with hacks. It's to the point where I don't even want to play on it because I fear I may get banned for being in modded lobbies, but every lobby I get into is modded in some way.

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