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Today i was in a xbox live party with a friend then my clan leader joined the party and started to be mouthy and my friend kicked him then he instantly rejoined and threatened to hack him my friend kicked him again and then he joined again and threatend to hack me aswell and he said if you turn off your xbox and turn it on before three hours is up you will be banned and i asked him how then my friend kicked him again and he rejoined and said because i hacked you and gave your account 450 reports


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oops wrong forum my bad

nobody can hack you or submit that many reports without getting themselves into huge trouble.

the only way you can be hacked with security proofs enabled is if you gave the fool your password.

keep YOUR password(s) safe and use the security proofs on your console and you'll be fine.

that person giving you grief is only going to hurt themselves with that attitude and probably get themselves banned for being obnoxious.

While you misplaced your thread I can assure you. You aren't going to get hacked. And filing 450 reports isn't hacking, if anything now he is going to be banned for abusing the report system.


If anyone EVER threatens to hack you on Xbox Live. Ignore them, they're just brats.

you can get hacked on xbox 360 but you can on PS3

Pat, I would like another T to solve the puzzle.  (wheel of fortune)