Hacker report.

The person who owns the gamertag [Mod Removed] used a MW3 tool and connected it to his JTAG/RGH console. He then used it to modify the game, and he used the tool to freeze the xbox's of several of the people in the lobby. Just want to see him get banned, if it can be done.


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All you can really do is file a complaint and avoid the individual on your console. You cant really name and shame on these forums (against forum rules) even if the individual is in the wrong and Microsoft don't read these forums as it is only for community members like yourself and I.

No point in reporting him, that rarely ever works it seems. I don't really care anymore about it.

Well, shucks. It seems like the local Forum Moderator got free of his cage and accidentally ate my post. Accidents happen!

Luckily for all of us, I'm willing to take the time to type it all out again.


Thank you for posting this here. I will immediately contact my IPF (Internet Police Force) underlings and pass on this report to them.  The perpetrator's XBox will most certainly be confiscated and he will be receiving a wrist slapping he won't likely forget.

Always remember to post cheater's gamertags in this forum, it is the only forum monitored by both IPF and the XBox enforcement teams.

The IPF thanks you for your cooperation.

- El Nigro JimBob

IPF Commander in Chief

You've got to think about the children, their sensitive ears might bleed with such words. None of the minors swear playing Cod, or hack, Or sound like Mickey Mouse, or call people %&$$&*s.