My son's account was hacked this morning! This person locked my son out of his account and played a game that he doesn't even own and they this person had the audacity to spend all of his Microsoft points, which we just bought him for Christmas, on Gold Packages. Reported it to Microsoft.


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Did you try calling Microsoft about it too? They may actually refund it.

They won't.

without his password or live account id how can he "hack" his account?

Why is this in the mw2 section...? o.o and just call microsoft.

sounds like someone wanted 10th prestige

I'd be willing to go all in on the bet that your son gave this supposed "hacker" his Windows Live ID and password (associated with his Xbox Live account) in exchange for 10th prestige or qw1k sc0p3zzzzz or whatever it is people sell on this now obsolete game.  

My source?  The 80 billion "z0mgzzzz my account got haxed!!!!111one" threads which feature naive little kids giving their account login credentials away in hopes of gaining some useless video game rank.

my sons account lol..why do these people always blame "my son"..i bet he doesnt even have kids..he's probably 15 or something.