H2O Gears of War 3 Division recruiting!

Welcome To H2O

The General Guidelines for H2O Recruitment

There are several requirements to becoming a H2O. And all of these requirements must be met before you are granted your H2O tag and or title.

The first of which is you need to have a forum account, you can register for one HERE. Once you have your account you must post an application HERE.

It is imperative that you send a friend request to H2OGearsRecruit on XBL. If your gamertag is different than your forum name, please send a message with your friend request.

Once this takes place, a pre-recruitment meeting will be held and it is only after the meeting that you will be considered a “Official Recruit”.

You can track your hours and find your practice schedule here: H2O Gears Schedule.

Even before you are considered a recruit it is good to know a couple of things about this division and about H2O in general. First and foremost we are here to support the PMS girls. They are our sister clan and need to be treated with Love and Respect. The use of the word R*PE will never be tolerated. You MUST respect everyone within the clan and those you will play with online. Disrespect will not be tolerated, nor will racial slurs/comments or negative comments towards the *** community. You will be warned once, but if the incident is severe enough, you will be automatically removed. We also do not tolerate glitching or cheating of any nature.

With that said, during practice hours we ask that you focus on practice. Please do not send or respond to messages during practice. If you need to have a conversation with someone in your home please have the courtesy to mute yourself so that your team does not get confused. If you are standing still in spawn for more than a round or two we will drop you from the room, if you are booted from a room more than two times during your recruitment, you will be dropped as a recruit and have a 30 day time limit before you can re-recruit.

If you are behaving badly in a room it is the practice captains right to remove you and let the leader know. If this is done twice as well the same results will follow. As a recruit you are required to make fur hours a week for four weeks If you cannot and or do not, make your required hours for two weeks straight you will be dropped from recruitment and will have a 30 day waiting period before you can recruit again or when your schedule will allow it.

At the end of your recruitment you will be required to attend orientation. This will either be clan wide or as held by your leader. In this orientation we will go over the PMS|H2O Handbook. This document covers all the rules and regulations that you as a future H2O are required to follow and uphold. When it is your time for orientation, your leader or recruitment manager will message you with your scheduled orientation time and date. If you cannot attend please let him know swiftly. Your H2O tag will NOT be approved until you attend orientation. There are no exceptions to the rule.

During your recruitment it is imperative that you follow the chain of command. In order to keep this division running smoothly, we ask that you follow the chain of command and please keep in mind that all leaders and staff members are volunteering their time and deserve your respect and will in turn freely give theirs to you. The chain of command is as follows:

• Maverick H2O– Gears of War 3 Recruit Managers
•Maverick H2O   – Gears of War 3 Leader
• Blue Rose PMS & Diablo H2O - Xbox General & Xbox Co-General

Frequently asked Questions!
Please read through each of these questions and the answers. This has been created to try to help people with anything they are confused about since new rules have been implemented. New questions will be added if a need for them to be addressed is seen fit.

Who do I talk to if I have a problem with a division member, recruit, something that is going on in the division, etc.?
-You must first talk to your Recruitment Manager & Division Leaders. Do not go to someone else in the division or one of the PMS girls. This will only cause more problems in the division and more work for people that already have enough on their plate. We will not tolerate having to hear people's issues from someone else.

When can I have an H2O gamertag?
-You may only have an H2O gamertag once you have gone through recruitment and have become an H2O. Your leaders will tell you when it is appropriate to change your gamertag.

How long do I have to go through recruitment before I can become an H2O?
-You are required to go through a four hours a week for four weeks recruitment period. If you meet your hours for each week during that time span, you will then become an H2O. You will then be allowed to have an H2O gamertag. You will get your rights on these forums added once you have completed your recruitment and then attended an orientation. More info on orientation can be found on these forums or from a staff member.

If I am a recruit and I miss my practice hours for the week, do I have my recruitment extended?
-Yes. If a recruit fails to get their required hours of division practice for the week, then their recruitment will be extended another week. This is to make sure that everyone is meeting the requirements needed to become a member of the H2O Clan.

Thank you for reading this and please take all of this information to heart. Good luck with your recruitment!

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Very nice recruitment message my friend. However, I'm sorry to say you're in the wrong section of the forums for clan recruiting. :(


Please go to the "Clan Discussion" forums located in the "General Discussion" section of the forum site. (^-^;)

You'll find recruiting there will be more promising. d(^w^)b

Thanks looking for more members we are a world wide clan tho