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Hello Spartans,
Welcome to Guerrilla Warfare
We have one simple goal, be the best. If you don't share the same goal then we aren't for you. We here are GWar will train each other to reach our full potential or die trying. We do have a ranking system know one is your superior or your underling (tho we ask you to respect the Chain or Command) we're you brothers and sisters and help each other in battle. If you just want to be a SHOW OFF we aren't for you.

What we Offer

We have lots to offer here at GWar
We will TRY to host as many Inter-Clan Tournaments as possible and as much Clan Battles as we can
We have a Non-Competitive part(Inter-Clan Stuff) as well as our Competitive part which is called GWar Teams.
Our Non-Com part is divided up into three 4 man squads which members are placed at random to stop any over-powered squads. These squads will train, practice and participate in Inter-Clan Skirmishes and Tournaments.
Now to be a part of GWar Teams you have to tryout. Nothing hard, just a few simple matchmaking games. Easy right? If you wish to join just contact any Clan Founder(Yellow GWAR tags)

Keep in mind if on a GWar team you are still a member of a Non-Com Squad as well

How to join

If any of this interests you then here's how you sign up

Clan site:

1. The Clan Application can be accessed 2 ways:
By clicking "Join site"(if this does not work let me know)
By Clicking "Recruitment" on the Menu Bar

2. Once Accepted please visit Boot Camp(found on the Forums Page)and sign up

3. Once all that is complete visit the following links to read up on the rules:
Forum Rules-
Clan Rules-

After ALL these steps are done feel free to explore the site, read up on all of our other Forum Thread, and introduce yourself on our Introduction Forum

We are Guerrilla Warfare, we fight quick and strong, no running, no backing down and no team mate gets left behind.

Welcome Aboard Spartans!

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