Gunstringer demo opinion

okay I love kinect but great games are rare. Some dev teams are making AAA titles others are milking. Twisted pixel is making a AAA I enjoyed this demo. It showed that a third person game shooter and or platformer is possible with kinect. First graphics wise I will say its an 8/10 the humur is adult aimed thats fine by me. Sound there is a narrator like bastion however he is not talking about every thing you do. other sounds like guns a punchs etc are okay so Sound is an 8/10 the biggest question is gameplay??? I love it sitting or standing +++ but i prefer standing. Left arm controls movement jumping/cover peaking Wave left or right to move from cover to cover when needed right arm is shoot and highlight targets. Now shooting is simplified of course you highlight targets and pull arm back like finger shooting and he shoots the targets. Some times the game moves on its on like a rail shooter or you get cover based gameplay. Platforming no jumping required by gamer just raise left arm and he jumps moving is done for you all the gamer needs is to avoid obstecals so gameplay is a 10/10 because there is many gametypes third person/platforming/and rail combat. but if you kinect play it see for yourself.


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Interesting, but we still need to figure out some way to move ourselves.

Yep but baby steps getting this far is a milestone to me

I played the demo and the game is wacky, funny, and its feels and play like arcade one. the grapichs are not the best out there, but il be buying this in retails stores cause the game include the fuitninja game bonus for free to download at xblive...

I thought it controlled terribly, and was not fun.  I was very disappointed with the demo, and I'm a big Twisted Pixel fan.

I will not be buying this.