guns need recoil

even before having "kick" no guns have recoil.  All these scrubs gota do is hold down the trigger and not be punished for using long bursts.  any gun using long bursts, ur barrel will sway a bit.  People just run around hip firing with no negative effects and think they are good.  there is no such thing as point, aim, shoot. now its start shooting, then aim.  I used to love COD series, now every game is getting worse and worse of how easy it is


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Using the word scrub is part of the problem.

Says someone with "farts" in their nothing informative to say,  keep it to yourself

Agreed....the game needs some recoil. I honestly can't tell the difference between the M4, G36C, or ACR whether they have that kick proficiency on or off.

thats why i love Battlefield, gota control ur weapon. Although i feel like its a tad overdone there.  But no gun should be able to group bullets at 100yds at 2feet apart on full auto

In COD4, guns had some recoil.  AK47  will shoot 4 feet over someones head if u held the trigger.  M14 had so much kick u had to *** every half second-second on semi auto.  I forgot other guns, but i know they had some kick to then

CoD4 was only slightly better. Sure some guns had recoil...but some do in MW3 too.

How am I supposed to keep it to myself if I have nothing to say?