Guns don't remember the type of ammo they're loaded with?

I picked up the Hand Loader perk and started crafting custom ammo for my guns, only to find while switching between weapons (which is pretty frequent occurrence) that the next time I pull a given weapon out, it's reverted to using the default ammo. Am I missing a trick? I guess I could try to carry only a single type of special ammo for a given type of round, but that's impractical for a number of reasons.


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i noticed the same problem, but i didn't really play around with ammo.

They should by-and-large remember what they're loaded with.


Also, why can't you carry one type of ammunition? Hollowpoints are pretty much useless, whereas the Hand Loader ammunition is almost always superior to Armour Piercing bullets.


.308 JHP (I think), .357 JSP, .45-70 Hand Loader, 5.56 Match,  .50 Match or Explosive, depending, 44 JSP (I think).


They are ALL superior. Load different, suitable weapons with different ammunition and you'll never need to change ammunition either.


--.357 or .44 Magnum for light targets, such as Jackals/Fiends? Use Hollowpoints or Hand Loaded.

--Sniper Rifle/Anti-Material Rifle for heavy targets/long range shooting? Armour Piercing or Hand loaded.

--A Missile Launcher/Fat Man/Gauss Rifle/Gatling Laser/Minigun/Red Glare to occupy another niche, with High Explosive or Max/Overcharge Ammunition.

--A Baseball Bat/Spiked Knuckles/Katana/Super Sledge for those up close encounters. Nothing like a nuclear Baseball bat : )

-- A Hunting or Riot Shotgun for those up close encounters. Use Magnum or 4Buck (whatever it's called) ammunition.

-- A Light Machine Gun/45 Auto SMG/so on if you feel like an automatic. Use 5.56 Match ammunition or .223 if you're low, if using a 5.56 automatic.

The chief obstacle is to carrying one type of custom ammo is that once you start picking up regular ammo of that same caliber, that handful of regular ammo becomes the default loadout when swapping between weapons. A lot "BANG, BANG, click, click, oh dammit, time to bring up the Pip-Boy again" in the middle of combat.


I don't actually have a problem with ammunition reverting at all, but I think you might find that if you press 'Up' on the D-pad, you'll change ammunition without entering the Pip Boy.


Once you pick up some normal ammunition it should remain standard, but yes, there can be a little swapping. Not as much as you describe though, as it shouldn't revert each time you swap weapons.

Guess I'm just special.

Anyway, good to know about the up-Dpad maneuver. Thanks.

(The D-pad does make it SO MUCH EASIER :P)

Yeah, I just figured that one out myself a few weeks back... didn't futz around with ammo types til then.

The D-pad hint is very much appreciated ChainSmokingBob. Didn't know about it before, makes for an easier swap.

No worries guys, makes it worth using different types of ammunition.


Half the time doing it in the menu doesn't work for me anyway, it just doesn't register I want to change it. Hope it makes it a more enjoyable experience : )

I Love the Coin shot w/ Dinner Bell

other than that I don't make much