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By this i mean, is there somewhere i'm not looking that shows the power against accuracy of each weap? Otherwise, what the hell makes the G17 better or worse than the M9, or MP443?


By example, i unlocked the M40A5 last night and have found it no better than the rifle i have been using for the last week (SV-98). In fact i'd say its worse as you only get half the rounds per mag!


So what is the point of working your nuts off to get the cool unlocks, if you cant actaully tell if they are cool afterall? Has anyone else discovered a relevant weapon in a class that seems to work better than others? Otherwise i guess its just a case of personal taste?


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Actually, having said that, BC2 although had stats whcih showed some guns being more powerful than others, made no difference during gameplay, there is no way the F2000 could inflict more damage than the M416...

idk man i have been looking for the same thing i wish they had of put it in its not like in reallife they dont tell you how good a gun is if you want it

i agree have all the guns for support the m60 seems too slow so why i it the last new gun u unlock, im not sure if i should waste time trying to upgrade this wep if the saw is as good dam wise and has twice the ammo

Funny, i'm a sort-of hypocrite - in another post i have commented (which i still firmly believe) that the A-91 is the best wep in the engineer class. Still no stats as such but its parabellum is greater than all the others so perhaps it is better at least in that respect and could inflict more damage if used properly.

But certainly for pistols there is sod all difference (obviosuly not including the magnum) so i guess the best is the one with the most rounds in a mag?!?