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Has anyone seen the tons of weapons skins available for purchase on  I think they took it a little far.  There's probably 20 packs you can buy for 320 MSP per pack.

They really went all out with this game.  It reminds me of KISS.  Every single way they thought they could squeeze a dollar out of someone has been employed.

I'm not complaining.  This Country was founded on capitalism.  All I'm saying is, it's alot.


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Ok, then, I stand corrected.  Eventually, the market place will have all the skins for sale, exclusive character, weapon, everything.  Thats my guess.

And a Happy Gearsmas to you too Dirt!


lol, it's a close race... but ur prolly right! ;)

You sure about that? I'm only asking.

Damn you M$.... you manage to get more of my money than my wife!! :p

No, the ones for sale are only acquired through the Marketplace.

Basically, most of them you can unlock through natural progression through the game.  Some you have to meet certain requirements, like playing the beta or 1 or 2.  Buying the packs circumvents this.  A fool and his money....

LOL, where have you been the past few days?

PS: Notice how they are called launch skins? Expect more in the future!