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Play gun game and only go for knife kills, I laughed till I cried. 


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^ Yeah, some people go ballistic.  The trick is to get one kill with the first gun then begin your knifing with the pp90 in hand as you will be able to move much faster.

Sounds like a fun time. I'll have to do next time with friends. Go trolling for a bit.

My brother did that every time we played private matches w our group.  He did it just to drive me nuts and it worked.  Every match would turn into all stabbing but it was good for chuckle.

I did this on Black Ops a few days ago, and made a little boy scream and cry... HA!

The best was in BO to do this in High Roller (once you get the Ballistic Knife, of course). Then, whenever someone gets close, you get the kill and frustrate them even more.

Yeah if knifing wasnt allowed it wouldnt be in the game

I love the kids who yell stop knifing its not allowed! Im like oh really? Stab stab stab haha

Oh you should've seen me and my friend in BO. I think it was like 5 games in which all the others just rage quit once we started reaching 25-30 stab kills each. Those were the times... Couldn't they see we were just adding an additional challenge to the game?