Guitar Hero: World Tour

Does anyone play this anymore?

I feel like I'm the only one.

And, whenever I try to find people to play with it keeps saying "No matches found." :p

Comment if you still play Guitar Hero: World Tour!(:


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People were barely playing it back when I had it and that was before Guitar Hero 5, and Warriors of Rock had released, and people were already sick of Guitar Hero by then. People quickly grew tired of Guitar Hero and either quit the music game genre entirely or moved on to Rock you can't really find anyone playing any of the games.


It really sucks.

I love Guitar Hero!

I still have it somewhere haha.
I usually just play Rock Band 3 if I ever play any of these anymore because of all my downloaded songs.

I don't play the guitar games anymore for the same reason everybody else I know doesn't play anymore. The plastic strum bar has worn out and the bed on me.

Guitar Hero 2 and 3 were my faces.  I haven't played in forever. They are pretty dead except for tournaments at Video Games Live concerts and parties.  I miss them now and am no longer sick of them.  I'd like to see another one on X1.

Hello, you are not alone BRO! in fact im trying to download some extra content but i can't :(

Downloads of content have NOTHING to do with player activity online  :)

A silver member not being able to play with others does......

I play when I'm bored with everything or when my roommates wanna play on the weekend. I'm surprised I can still scratch by some songs on expert.

Be surprised if you found anyone playing this online anymore, was a good game in its time but why not move on to something more recent?

I still play from time to time