Guitar hero 5 or older games

If there's any one that wanna play guitar hero 5 or other guitar heros (band play) add me. (don't have GH:WOR)

i know there's not a forum for GH:5 or other.

We can do Career mode and Challenges, Quickplay mode, or just a Pro-face off.

i have Drums and Guitar. (mostly drums)

just add me i don't go on forum much.




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I used to have some of those games for PS2. I plan on getting a few of them on 360 for more songs. I'll add you when I do. I'm really starting to love playing again.

I have GH2, GH: Legends, GH:Aerosmith, and GH:WoR. I have a a guitar (hate it), drums (hate 'em), headset (for a mic, if needed) -- and can play up through medium (honestly, that's my skill level so far). Hit me up if you wanna play some.

This post is old but i'll be still adding people for guitar hero. just sand me a friend request. if you can't add me sand me a message. friends list may be full. I'm also looking for people that have DLC songs.

Oh and also tell me who you are before adding me. like how did you find me and stuff.

I'm about to play now actually. I think I own all but 1.