Guilds which ones can i join?



Name all of them i can join. i wanna join all of em if i can lol


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Thank you sir :)

They're factions, not guilds for the record.  And you can't really join the Enclave so much as help them.  You can also join the Kings

Brotherhood of steel - you need to do your companion mission first

Ceasar Legion - right when you meet Ceasar himself (story related)

NCR - through the ambassador of NCR (story related)

Yes Man - his the robot that answer everything about the chip (Independent faction/ story related)

Enclave - not sure about this one, but i think you can join after you do the companion mission first

Boomer - located in Airflied, you have to do three of the mission first or all of them you want (independent faction)

House - aka MR. House (indepedent faction/story related).

i think that all of them.

Also I suggest you make a save before joining a faction because you can't join them all in one playthrought because their are certain missions you have to do that will tick off another faction.

Yes Man !!!