Guided Missiles

Ive unlocked Guided Missiles for tanks and helicopters but am unable to fire them.

The hud changes but when i fire,nowt comes out. In the tank the gun moves a little bit when i fire but still nothing comes out.

What am i missing???   


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You need someone to target the vehicle or aircraft with SOFLAM I believe.  I haven't unlocked them myself but they're Guided Missiles so they need something to goide them to the target - SOFLAM in other words.  I might be wrong though...


I got soflam and was wondering about that.

Nice one.

will try it ltr.


SOFLAMs decrease the time it takes to lock, and allows you to lock on without direct line of site, and allows guided missiles to be locked onto aircraft.

You don't need a soflam to lock onto a ground vehicle with a guided missle.

This seems weird, and has happened to my fiance, while in an attack chopper.

The way it's suppose to work is you aim at your target, wait for the beeps to go to a solid long beep, as well as a solid hud.

The reason a weapon won't fire is beyond me and is probably just a random glitch in the game.

Well it must be like the SAM launchers then, if you fire at an orange box nothing happens.  You need the "lock on" text to appear before you can shoot.

I just figured that you needed SOFLAM to guide the missile in.

You can either use the soflam in the third seat of the tank (if you have it unlocked). Or some people roll sniper kit, stop the tank, delpoy SOFLAM and get back in, then it targets for them.

If you haven't already noticed or chose to ignore people, there is a soflam in the third station in the tank, I thought the same thing as you all did, the soflam needed to be active, until one day I had it on an forgot about it an it just went off by it self, it turns out you don't need to have anyone burn anything it works against other tanks an I have used it several times along with a quick round of HE to knock out tanks fast. it also lights up automatic against just about any target but I think it needs some improvement as It's not very strong as a target er or a weapon..

You don't need the CITV or the SOFLAM to use the guided missiles against other land vehicles, only aircraft. For land vehicles you have to be locked on before you can fire and with aircraft someone has to use the CITV or SOFLAM before you can lock on.

Me and monkeyboy tried this out tonight,CITV and one guided shell took a chopper straight out,No disable just Boom!Double kill,Very effective as long as you got a friend in the tank with you.

^Awesome Eyeb4ll. I'm working hard trying to get the CITV station.

For Helicopters, Guided Missiles are just as easy as Heat Seekers, just have the vehicle you want to lock onto centered or close to it in your HUD, lock, and fire. They are great for maps like Noshahr Canals in Rush when the AA gun is trying to take you down, usually 2 missiles and a little bit of guns will take it down. The difficult part is surving the missiles from the AA gun, any stingers, not to mention dodging the AA gun's cannons.

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